Aspect Minerals Kabuki Brush

Aspect Minerals Kabuki Brush

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The perfect companion for your Aspect Minerals product, this Kabuki brush features high quality soft, dense vegan bristles for flawless product application.

An artist is only as good as the tools he uses - and hot darn, we ‘reckon your face is a masterpiece worthy of the finest fibres. This vegan brush allow for the most seamless application of your Aspect Minerals makeup, or any other mineral makeup you’ve been using lately. 

Why will I love Aspect Minerals Kabuki Brush?

  • Triple-milled synthetic fibres for the most luxuriously soft finish your cheeks will ever experience.
  • Vegan and cruelty free to honour your values.
  • Gives a seamless makeup application so you always look your best. 
  • Can be used with liquid or powder mineral makeup. 
  • Easily layers product for buildable coverage. 
  • Made in Australia.

What is the Aspect Minerals Kabuki Brush made of?

Triple-milled, vegan-friendly soft and thick synthetic fibres - no value compromises here!

How do I use Aspect Minerals Kabuki Brush?

Press product (liquid or powder) onto the brush. For powder, tap to remove excess. Blend the product over your face in a circular motion. For additional coverage, take a small amount more onto your brush, dab onto the desired area and then blend in once again, until the desired result has been achieved.

Triple-milled Synthetic Fibres