Eyebrow tattoo

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Hair That Suits You - EyeBrow Tattoo

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Suitable for someone who would like a natural beautiful defined eyebrow. By creating individual hair strokes that will match your natural brow hair. 

At Pivy's Clinic our micro-blading service uses a revolutionary shaping technique that utilizes eyebrow tattoo technology to implant pigment under the skin and fill out your brows, so that they look natural, beautiful, and full.


Our Cosmetic Tattoo services provide our clients with permanently flawless brows that are ready to go from the moment you wake up in the morning. Take advantage of new technology to change your appearance and look and feel exactly how you should feel – beautiful.

Eyebrow tattoo required anywhere between 1 to 3 touch up sessions after the first session. In most cases, only a second session will be required to fill in all the gaps you may have. It ultimately comes down to a number of factors, such as how the colour turns out, how the tattoo has healed, as well as the client's skin type. It is important that all aftercare is followed to achieve the best healed results.

After that a touch-up treatment is recommended every 6-18 months, to maintain the best results. 

The procedure includes: We will apply your numbing cream while doing consultation with you, mapping your eyebrows to make sure they are suitable with your face structure, pre-draw the eyebrow and get your approval. Set up a hygienic tattoo station, mixing colour, tattoo procedure and aftercare product and advice. 


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