His Full Leg

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His Full Leg

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Male waxing can help hair to grow back softer and finer, and most importantly your skin will feel very smooth immediately after your waxing session. So if you are unhappy with your body hair, instead of having to shave regularly, waxing is another wonderful solution.

Waxing is recommended to be done every 4 to 6 weeks and no shaving in between. And when you begin to keep up a consistent waxing regimen (every 4-6 weeks) you will notice the hair growth significantly diminishing. 

Hairs should be about one centimetre long before you can get waxing done. Do not shave before your appointment. Hair that is shorter than one centimetre will be more difficult to wax since the wax won’t grab it properly to pull it out. 

A full leg wax comprises hair removal from the top of thighs to the base of the ankles (front and back).

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