Brazilian Waxing

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Brazilian Waxing

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When you see your hair growth is too dense and you would like to get ridded of them for hygienic reasons.

That is when Waxing comes in handy rather than shaving. When you use a warm resin base that is applied to an area by using "strip wax or hard wax". Strip wax is removed with a strip. And hard wax is let wax dry and removed on its own. Both of these wax methods remove your hairs out by the root.

 If you are new to Brazilian wax, the first thing you need to remember is that Beauty therapists are professionals, and will be able to put you at ease. If you have questions then don't hold back, it's totally fine to ask anything and everything that's on your mind.

Our Brazilian Waxing involves all hair removed down below and even round the back.


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